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Telemarkfestivalen invites the audience to experience traditional and modern folk music in beautiful surroundings in village of Bø in the county of Telemark in the southern part of Norway. The village has approximately 6000 inhabitants and provides an inviting scenery for both cultural and natural experiences.

About Telemarkfestivalen

Telemarkfestivalen is an international folk music festival located in Bø in Telemark county in the southern part of Norway. The festival has been conducted annually since 1990 and has approximately 6000 visitors every year. Bø is a small town with a long and strong history when it comes to traditional Norwegian music; and especially the Hardanger fiddle. Even today; Bø is home to many of the most acclaimed fiddlers in Norway. The festival’s very existence is based on preserving and evolving the Norwegian musical heritage.

As well as looking backward, we also look forward. Telemarkfestivalen is an arena for both traditional and modern folk music, and aims to present music in a variety of sub-genres related to folk music. We have learnt that putting musicians from all over the world together in a small Norwegian town can create musical wonders. One of our trademarks is the ability to surprise, touch and even challenge our audience with unique concert experiences.

The dates for the 2019-festival is 8th – 11th of August.

Click here to read the digital progamme folder fpr 2018 (only in Norwegian, unfortunately, but there’s som really nice pictures there too!) Here’s a short mention of the festival’s main artists: 

Ragnhild Furholt Trio (Norway):

Ragnhild Furholt Trio opens the doors to the thriving folk songs of the southern part of Norway. Her singing flourish side by side with bagpipes, pump organ, clarinet, droned zither, fiddle, jew’s harp, guitar and kalimba!

Nordjordet (Norway):

Norwegian singer Øyonn Groven Myhren and Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft have worked in together for 20 years, and finally this collaboration materializes as «Nordjordet». Groven Myhren’s traditional singing is  accompanied by Anne Hytta on the Hardanger fiddle, Anders Røine on droned zither langeleik, jew’s harp and guitars and Tomas Nilsson on percussion.

Øyonn Groven Myhren

Vincent Cross (USA):

Vincent Cross is a troubadour born in Dublin, the resident of Australia and is now in the US. His best friend is Martin – the old guitar – which follows Vincent on the musical country road that now leads to Norway for the second time. With humor and a glimpses in his eye, he plays both his own and other music in the bluegrass and roots-genre. Vincent will play several concerts in Bø during the festival weekend.

The folk music of Vestfold (Norway):

In light of Telemark and Vestfold counties being put together as one the festival sheds light  on the hidden folk music traditions in Vestfold with an own concert at the Telemark Festival.

Väsen (Sweden):

Olov Johansson, Mikael Marin and Roger Tallroth have played together since 1980. They have since then excited audiences and fellow musicians around the world. There aret hose who simply refers to Väsen as the best band in the world! Both Väsen and Telemarkfestivalen celebrates their 30th anniversary in 2019. You are invited to celebrate with us!


Celtic Roots Ensemble (Norway, Sweden, Great Britain):

The term «superband» should not be used lightly, but with Celtic Roots Ensemble it’s a pretty accurate portrayal! Musicians such as Knut Reiersrud, Aly Bain, Ale Möller, Tuva Syvertsen, Frasier Fifield, Catriona Macdonald and Olle Linder provides a an extraordinary Celtic musical experience!

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Dan Trueman (Ireland, USA):

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Dan Trueman plays traditional and modern folk music on the Hardanger d’amore. Both are strongly inspired by the Norwegian fiddle-tradition which have had great influence on their musical collaboration.  They examine the DNA from both Norwegian and Irish fiddle traditions. The result is something new, unique and fantastic!

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Dan Trueman

Mizgîn (Kurdistan, Denmark, Bulgaria):

Mizgîn sings and plays Kurdish folk music with inspiration from the Kurdish and Turkish songbook. Mizgin and her music has gained a lot of attention from fans all over the world

Marja Helena Mortensson (Norway/Sapmi):

Marja Helena Mortensson is a unique performer of the Sapmi «joik» that already has gained great recognition nationally and internationally. In 2018 her album «Mojhtestasse – Cultural Heirlooms» was released, and won Mortensson a Norwegian Grammy in the category Folk music /Traditional music.

Marja Helena Mortensson

«Haugebonden» (Norway):

Composer and vocal artist Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer is inspired by the Norgwegian traditional folk song «Haugebonden» and has created a new concert based on this song. Meyer is an artist who in particular has mastered the duality of the folk music expression. Together with her musicians and young talents from Telemark, Meyer takes us on a musical and visual journey on the border between the concrete and the abstract, the visual and the invisible – between the real and the unreal!

Eivør (Faroese Islands):

Eivør has a voice of rare beauty and power. Her enchanting «folktronica» with hypnotic vocals has blown away audiences all over Europe. Eivør is a true friend of Norway with several outstanding concerts.


Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips (Norway):

One of the country’s leading guitarists, Amund Maarud, and the bluegrass band, Lucky Lips with Malin Pettersen in the lead, is match made in heaven. The result is a wonderful and fast-paced meeting between country, blues, roots and bluegrass with Maarud’s eminent guitar as the driving force. Lucky Lips is the perfect backing band with brilliant details, groove and Malin Pettersen’s lovely vocals that meets Maarud in beautiful harmonies and duets.

Suistamon Säkhö (Finland):

Suistamon Sähkö from Finland is a band that is not afraid to mix wildly and borrow uninhibited from their inspirational bases. With a base of modern electronics and traditional folk music from Karelia – mixed with an accordion from St.Petersburg, this hosts an exciting and dancing journey far into the Finnish folk soul. This band has made people dance into trance over the whole world. Get ready for a wonderful dose of Finnish madness!

Suistamon Säkhö


Welcome to Telemarkfestivalen – the essence of Norway!

For more information

Kristoffer Mosfjeld
General manager

Telephone: +47 48 20 50 66
E-mail: post@telemarkfestivalen.no

Festival passes and tickets

Tickets can be pre-ordered and purchased from Gullbring kulturanlegg – www.gullbring.no– tel. 35 06 03 90.

Getting here

You can easily travel to Bø by train or bus from Oslo and Oslo Airport. Nearby airports also include Rygge airport and Torp airport. More info at nsb.no or www.nor-way.no.

Artist proposal?

If you want to propose an artist for the festival, please send information to post@telemarkfestivalen.com. The best period to send proposals is from October to January.  As we receive lots of proposals each year, we don’t have the capacity to answer all proposers properly. Sorry!   Thank you for your interest in our festival!


If you want to apply for a press accreditation at Telemarkfestivalen, please send information to post@telemarkfestivalen.no.